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Mixcore Studio – software development company located in Vietnam

We create design and develop solutions for all types of web and mobile products

We are

We are software development company located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam with team of 6 people. We help companies at any stage of the product software development cycle: from R&D and building MVP from scratch, to scaling, UX analyzing and improving.

Working as a product teams allows us to deliver success products and reach client business goals.


50+ completed projects

We have realized over 350 of them and now definitely know what we need for their successful launch. All the stages like analysis, planning, design, slicing, programming, filling with content and testing are to be aligned in the following: strong Vietnamese software developers team, close collaboration with a client and available resources. We apply this practice to all of our projects.


8 years of effective work

Our custom software development company was founded in 2011 in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. The period of project development may take from 1 month to 1 year depending on it's complexity. Our main area is Fin-tech and enterprise application development.


65 skilled professionals

Our team of programmers has diverse experience in the technology stack, including ASP.NET MVC, PHP, JavaScript, AngularJS, ReactJS, Vue.js, MSSQL and others. UI/UX and web-designers work on modern tendencies, integrating trends in UX and opportunities in 3D, Augmented and video content into digital. PM team perfectly delves into every project and looks after project workflow at all the stages of its implementation.


Satisfied clients in many countries

We build projects together with clients of different cultures and from different continents. As well as with the large companies like PMI, MasterCard, Electrolux, Kimberly-Klark, as with the startups. And most of all our Vietnamese software development company values reliability, honesty and transparency.

Our values


We ask questions, discuss and prototype, as changing ideas is cheaper than changing products. As well as challenging usual solutions to find best fit approach for each project.


Our software development company makes detailed planning for each project, and keep transparency till very ending. Daily meetings and weekly demos helps to keep to implement immediate feedback and stay on track.


We focus on delivering on time and our responsibility to client and other teams. Our software developers try to deliver MVP as soon as possible, analyze customers feedback and do iterative improvements.

Our team


Expert members

For now custom software development company Mixcore Studio has got many talented employees, who handle the main job – delivering what we promised in time with needed quality and budget. We combine proven methodologies, business domain experience and technology expertise - whether we work directly with your product or as an Extended Team.

Design & UX

UI/UX Designers

Our design team is a group of enthusiasts who see product design as engineering process, and put user experience first. Also we have business analyze expertise which allows us to work close with clients team, understand goals and capabilities and implement it using such tools as Sketch, Figma, Invision, Photoshop, Illustrator.



Web and mobile software developers have strong skills in creating products and developing custom software solutions using such technologies as .NET, Java, Javascript, SQL, Swift, Objective-C, NativeScript, React.Native and others. In addition team of developers from Vietnam is highly professional in creating cross-platform applications, working on AR/VR experiences and implementing 3D effects and animation.

Project managers

Agile PMs

Key values for our PMO is planning, transparency and delivery on time. Our software development company uses gantt charts and project management software (Jira, Asana, ClickUp) for keeping project on track and Everhour or Harvest for time tracking. Daily meetings and weekly demo helps to keep project on track. But most of all we value personal relations and trust and do our best to keep it high.



Our QA Engineers obsessed with automated testing. It allows us safely deliver new features to our clients’ users even many times a day. They have strong skills in automated and manual testing web and mobile applications using such tools as: Selenium, TestRail, Jira, Visual Studio.

Our workflow

We are about great future of technologies and desire to affect it and shape great are about great future of technology. Iteratively improve ITproducts until we achieve all business.


We help you to specify your idea and provide you with a draft plan of what needs to be prepared.


Analyzing materials and your market, we provide you with the initial evaluation.


If necessary, we can provide your future application with the user interface or UX design.


Based on designs, the developers begin to construct the project according to the timeframe.


Before launch, our QA specialists will check the integrity of all functions on different browsers and devices.


We will control all steps of release to take your project live without any possible issues.


We will provide you with full IT support that save your money and increase your company profits.

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Why Vietnam

Vietnam is the fastest growing tech hub in Asia. If you decide to work with Vietnamese software development companies you will get a lot of benefits like skilled developers in a variety of technologies, tech young workers with intermediate or higher English level, competitive outsourcing rates, smooth communication and workflow and, of course, full range of software development services

IT Professionals

Skilled IT developers in Vietnam are very welcoming to learning new technologies. Vietnam outsources software development services in ecommerce, enterprise and finance spheres. Create top-notch software solutions for healthcare, travel, telecom, and education as well.

Competitive outsourcing rates

Compared to its neighboring countries — such as Chinese, India, and the Singapore, Vietnam offers more competitive outsourcing rates together with a much larger tech talent pool.

Strong Technical Education

The country offers various educational opportunities for hi-tech community. In cooperation with local software development companies, regional IT clusters launch educational programs at universities and set up innovation labs at colleges and schools.

Up-and-Coming Startups

The country’s rich tech background promotes the fast growth of the local startup community. IT specialists have built strong business relationships with clients from major Asian hotbeds bringing the most unusual and innovative ideas into life.

Fluent English

Vietnamese specialists have a good level of English proficiency. Companies provide free English classes and speaking clubs to improve it further. It makes work with any foreign company easy.

Flexibility Working Time

Our team able to adapt to your working time! It is a great choice for nearshoring software development to have handy business meetings and communication.